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2016/08/27 종영 https://tv.jtbc.co.kr/youth 

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Please make a Season 3 + unanswered questions

�*****� 2017-11-17 AM 12:34:47 조회 566 추천 1

Please make a 3rd season! I have been trying to contact whoever could make this possible. I really love Age of Youth. Everything about it. This is the best kdrama I've watched and will forever have a place in my heart. I have a lot to say about this drama, but this will be too long if I go into detail. Also, can't we bring back Kang Yi Na? :( I love Eun very much and I don't want her to leave too, but can't they be 6? I love them so much :( I hope I've expressed my love for AoY just enough. Thank you!

P.S. What happened to the girl the picture frame from the first episode of season 1? The drama did not talk about it anymore; who she is, what happened before Eun Jae moved in, why did she leave, etc. (And please bring back Park Hye-soo [OG Yoo Eun Jae])


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