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2018/04/17 종영 https://tv.jtbc.co.kr/waikiki

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G***** 2019-02-06 PM 5:06:05 조회 507 추천 0

 Hello there fellow earthlings. Hello everybody! I just finished the drama and wanted to say thanks for all your hard work! I've seen the drama now. I was troubled! Thank you. I thought the drama had many funny and creative parts. I think there is a lot of fun in this drama. Right now I live in Paju Gyoha and it was cool seeing some places I know in Ilsan. I live in Paju now, so I had a great time watching the drama in the drama. I was using this drama and it's subtitles to learn Korean. I studied Korean with this drama. I think I learned a lot and still have more to study. I think I learned a lot. I have 111 flashcards I made with words like ... I am tired, I am coward, I am tardy, I am flicker, and many more. I have to study these words. If you need any help in the future contact me! Let me help you before, if necessary.  가자! 가보가! 


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